Professor Thomas Gallanis delivered the 2019 Amakasu Lectures in Trust Law on November 25 and 28 in Tokyo.

The Amakasu Lectures bring world-leading scholars to Tokyo to deliver lectures on trust law.  The lectures are funded by the Amakasu Charitable Trust, which was founded on an endowment from the Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation.  Prior Amakasu Lecturers from the United States include Edward Halbach of Berkeley and John Langbein of Yale.

The November 25 lecture by Professor Gallanis was titled “The Restatement Third of Trusts: Major Themes and New Directions” and was held at the headquarters of the Trust Companies Association of Japan.  This lecture will be published in Japanese in the Association’s quarterly journal.

The November 28 lecture was titled “Uniform Trust Law Beyond the Uniform Trust Code” and was held at Chuo University.  This lecture will be published in Japanese in the Chuo Law Review.

Professor Gallanis’ host was Dean Makoto Arai of the Graduate School of Law of Chuo University.